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The topic of breast cancer hits close to home for many. A disease with over 3.8 million survivors in the United States alone, it is crucial that we empower these people with knowledge and insight. Here are some of the best talks on breast cancer on Ted talks.

1. Mina Bissell: several experiments that hinted at a new understanding of cancer

Mina Bissell is a scientist that has spent years looking into the root cause of cancer. For years, she pursued a heretical notion about the effects of a cell’s microenvironment. She believes that a cancer cell does not always become a tumor but depends on its microenvironment to grow and proliferate.

Over the years, her work has led her to discover that cancers result from epigenetic changes. In this talk, she discusses the two key experiments that debunked long-held beliefs about cancer development.

2. Deborah Rhodes: This test finds 3x more breast tumors and explains why it isn’t accessible.

Dr. Deborah Rhodes is a doctor of internal medicine and the director of Mayo Clinic. She has spent her career developing new ways to detect breast cancer. Her research has led her to discover the optimal way to detect cancer in its earliest stages. She worked with a team of physicists to create a new tool for tumor detection. ]it is three times more effective than traditional mammograms for women with dense tissues in the breast.

This tool has life-saving implications. So why are women never heard of it? In this talk, she discusses how it came to be. She also outlines the web of politics and economics that prevents it from getting used by the general population.

3. Jorge Soto discusses the fate of an early cancer detection cutting-edge technology

Dr. Jorge Soto is a professor of radiology at the Boston Medical Center. He has spent his life studying how to identify early-stage breast cancer. He has identified a unique tech that could be the key to identifying early-stage breast cancer. In this , he demonstrates how a mobile platform for breast screening works. He also discusses the implications of this technological breakthrough if it gets used widely.

4. The future of cancer therapy may lie in a new approach by David Agus

Dr. David Agus is a doctor, researcher, and professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California. His work is on the cutting edge of cancer treatment and technology. He believes wholeheartedly in the power of integrative medicine. In this talk, he shares insights on cancer and how it changes people’s lives.

According to David Agus, this short-sightedness is all too common in cancer therapy. He says individual cells get favored in cancer treatment for a quick fix rather than a treatment that takes the entire body into account. In this talk, he shares his insights on a unique, cross-disciplinary approach. He says that cancer treatment should utilize computer modeling, atypical medicines, and protein analysis.

The topic of breast cancer is ever-evolving and growing in our society. With new research, there is hope for the future. Because of these talks, there is a new sense of motivation and empowerment in our community.

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